July 2010

An open letter to the vuvuzela

Reply pens a loving goodbye to the internet’s latest buzzword.


El Tri

Fernando Elizondo reviews his country’s role in the 2010 World Cup.


Best place to watch the World Cup? The UN, of course

The editors at Reply were once invited to the UN for a party, and we can attest that it’s a pretty great place to watch just about anything, particularly if you’re interested in…

Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme watche

Paraguay’s hot streak continues despite defeat

Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme has promised to bare herself even after Paraguay’s defeat in a remarkable combined act of generosity and self-promotion.


Nice try, Angela

Looks like Frau Chancellor isn’t the best soccer prognosticator. Of course, not even the clairvoyant German soccer octopus (socctopus?) could have predicted this outcome. http://www.timeslive.co.za/sport/soccer/article531025.ece/Merkel-forecasts-2-1-German-win-over-Argentina


Ban Ki-Moon’s cruel, cruel summer

Ban Ki-Moon became Secretary-General because he was expected to be a manager, a quiet reformer. So far, his role has been muddled, unclear and largely unsuccessful.


Five new artists for summer 2010

The editors at Reply asked culture vulture Yanick Saila-Ngita to find five fresh, global up-and-comers to share with our readers. He delivered.


Getting to know an Intimate Stranger

At this year’s South by Southwest musical festival, Reply sat down with Chilean indie band Intimate Stranger to talk about identity, the internet and the globalization of modern music.


Private goes public: the history of the blog

Our lady in Long Beach penned a primer on the history of the blog.


Stranded in Europe: soccer smuggling

Editor Andrew Roush explores new forms of the “postcolonial heart of darkeness”.

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