December 2011
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The 12 most important people of 2012

As Listmas comes to a close, the editors of Reply look into their crystal ball and divine who will make headlines in the new year, and why.

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Most exciting moments from 2011

On day 11 of Listmas, Reply Magazine looks back at some of the exciting moments that helped shape 2011.


Best albums of 2011

In true end of the year fashion, our editors invite you to jam out to the best albums of 2011.

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Our favorite people of 2011

Curl up by the warmth of your laptop and feel the Listmas spirit, as we introduce you to our favorite thinkers, doers, and lookers of 2011.

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Trends we hope to see less of in 2012

As we look ahead to 2012, we give you the fads, running jokes, and popular obsessions we hope get scuttled off to the cultural dust bin.


Unforgettable advertisements of 2011

As we approach the final stretch of the 12 Days of Listmas, we examine the best that Madison Avenue had to offer us in 2011.


Biggest disappointments of 2011

The 12 Days of Listmas continues with out list of the biggest disappointments on 2011.


Top Tweets of 2011

On the fifth day of Listmas, our editors pay tribute to the cacophony that is the Twitterverse.


Reply Magazine’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

From cars and cameras to cookbooks and crossbows, Managing Editor Jarrod Klawinsky picks his top gifts for the holiday season.


Top 10 memorable quotes of 2011

On the fourth day of Listmas, our editors share their top 10 most memorable quotes of 2011.

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