A protester represents the 1% of people with red hair. Image courtesy of Mike Fleshman.

Occupy Wall Street: a beginner’s guide

We try to answer the question that continues to fascinate the Internet: why are liberal arts graduates so angry?

When Kony started fighting, grainy photos like this didn't require an app. Image courtesy of Collin Harvey.

The KONY 2012 backlash: three questions for ‘Visible Children’

We talk with the second year political science student who helped stir up all the fuss.

Photo: flickr user asterix611

An open letter to “Drops of Jupiter”

Your sappy, rambling, delightful rom-com of a song about soy lattés and tae-bo just doesn’t sit well in the age of Tea Parties and Wall Street occupations and dead Steve Jobs and Chicken McBites, whatever the hell those are.

Mr. Mueller on assignment in Montenegro. Photo courtesy of Andrew Mueller.

Gaddafi, country music, and watch-lists: the world according to Andrew Mueller

The foreign correspondent and rock critic shares his views on music, the media, and the most dangerous places on Earth.

Photo: Lisa Mathiasen

Letter from a ghost of the revolution

“My beard is as long as it once was, but now grayed with age.”

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From genocide to Air Jordans: new Balkan threads

Vuksa Velickovic is, quite possibly, a true renaissance man — a writer, artist, symbol of his generation and messenger of his time and place. As the editor of BTurn Magazine, an online destination…

Photo: Adam Jones, Ph.D.

The 12 most important people of 2012

As Listmas comes to a close, the editors of Reply look into their crystal ball and divine who will make headlines in the new year, and why.

Photo: United Nations

Most exciting moments from 2011

On day 11 of Listmas, Reply Magazine looks back at some of the exciting moments that helped shape 2011.


Best albums of 2011

In true end of the year fashion, our editors invite you to jam out to the best albums of 2011.

Photo: Arun Reginald

Our favorite people of 2011

Curl up by the warmth of your laptop and feel the Listmas spirit, as we introduce you to our favorite thinkers, doers, and lookers of 2011.

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