A protester represents the 1% of people with red hair. Image courtesy of Mike Fleshman.

Occupy Wall Street: a beginner’s guide

We try to answer the question that continues to fascinate the Internet: why are liberal arts graduates so angry?

Penn Students Small

Penn State: A legacy forever tarnished

“I read the indictment. I was disgusted. I was disappointed. I can’t fathom what has happened to these kids.”

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Penn State: This will never happen again

“I cried for the victims and what they had gone through at the hands of a truly evil person. I cried for the millions of others who have nobody to save them from similar abuse. And I cried for Penn State, a place that has truly made me the person I am today that was now being entirely victimized for the actions of one man.”


One Year Later — Baby Doc returns

by Jonathan Denby Port-au-Prince — Tonight, former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier retuned from exile in France. His arrival was unannounced. There is already reports here of his supporters and detractors taking…


One Year Later — Arrival in Haiti

A year after a 7.0 earthquake tore through Haiti, Jonathan Denby reports from the poorest nation in the western hemisphere.


Bowled over: cricket in the Olympics

Contributors Bilal Hassan and Ajit Kumar discuss cricket’s inclusion in the Olympics


California love

Contributor Allie Piotrowski takes us rollin’ with the homies in Long Beach.


Your city sucks

Reply contributors from around the world tell us why their city sucks.

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