Reply is looking for a few good contributors. We want fresh, timely perspectives on current events and trends from around the world. Reply welcomes written articles, commentary, documentary video, photos, artwork and poetry on everything that affects our world. From students to young professionals, from the United States to the UAE, if you’ve got a smart take on our world as it is, as has been, or as it can be, let us know.

It’s time for you to reply.

Send your submission, questions and comment here.

what we’re looking for

Every month, we run a number of Features — longer or more in-depth pieces. If you’ve got something on your mind, just write us a note.

We also have a few Sections:

  • We encourage interviews, both in person and online, of anyone you find interesting or noteworthy.
  • If you have an idea for a topic to debate, which we often do over a few drinks, we’ll take you on, in New York, D.C., Austin or online (we find instant messaging services work for this; we’ll clean up the grammar and spelling).
  • Lists are always good, as they tend to get read. If you know something timely and check your facts, we’ll run it.
  • If you know a city like the back of your hand, we’ll help you put together a guide.
  • We encourage letters, too. Not just letters to the editors, but to whomever (or whatever). Open letter to the city of Minneapolis? Sure. To the guy that made your car’s wipers? Absolutely. A letter in character, from Mahmud Ahmadinejad? Double yes.

types of media

Writing, with the exception of poetry and fiction, should have a list of sources, if possible. These sources must, of course, be reliable. All writing must be original. We will not accept plagiarized work. We check and cross reference every piece that comes across our desks.

Keep things simple and clear. Writing is about communication, not confusion. Spelling and usage must be correct.

Articles should be no less than 500 words and no more than 2000.

photography and visual art
Visual art and photography should be captured in the highest possible quality for reproduction. We encourage electronic submissions in .jpg, .tiff or .pdf format and in the highest resolution possible.

Contributions should be clearly defined, original and thoughtful.

Images should be tasteful. While we value creativity, especially new, even jarring visual perspectives, we will not publish inappropriate images.

Films must be recorded in the highest possible quality, with attention to clarity of picture and sound. If it can be put on YouTube, we can use it, though we encourage high definition if possible. Videos must portray a coherent, complete and original idea with a spirit of imagination.

Like still images, films should be tasteful. while we value creativity, especially new, even jarring visual perspectives, we will not publish inappropriate images or language.

Videos should be between 30 seconds and 5 minutes in length.

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