City Guide: Tokyo, Japan

For our first international city guide, Reply publisher and contributor Ashwin Kumar visits Tokyo and provides an in-depth overview of many of the exciting hotspots the city has to offer. Rick Steves, eat your heart out.

Reply Magazine Tokyo city guide: Tokyo street view

A view of Tokyo from the street.


One year ago, Japan experienced the largest and most powerful earthquake and tsunami in its history. Now called the Tohoku or Great East earthquake, this natural disaster devastated the Sendai region of Japan. It was heartbreaking to hear and see such a horrible thing happen to a country I had just visited, spent time in and thoroughly enjoyed.

But today, we can report that Japan is back on track and will recover from the chaos that once ensued. There are things that still need to be fixed, but it will all be reconciled in due time. And for the record, much of what you hear in the media is greatly exaggerated. Progress is being made and certain things just need time to be fixed (we have confirmed this with my local contacts). Come on, its Japan – one of the strongest and most well-established economic powers in the world. They have done a fantastic job redirecting money to support the rebuilding of their infrastructure and we have no doubt they will be successful.

To that end and to celebrate the bright future of Japan, Reply Magazine has put together a handy, 24-hour guide to visiting Tokyo. Why 24 hours? Well, 1) to prove that it in fact can be done in a metropolis that boasts over 13 million people in an 844.66 sq. mile area, 2) because some of you might be worried about all the radiation reports (though there’s nothing to be worried about), and 3) because it sounds cool and it’s a challenge. Our guide will take you to all the major must-see areas of Tokyo with time left over to partake in some of the more local frivolities.

(Note: Honestly, Japan is expensive when you add up flights, lodging and food. Trust us, you’ll want to move fast and make the most of your time. But we assure you, the trip is worth making at least once.)



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